FulwellMethodist Church

Member of Sunderland Circuit of the Methodist Church.

Our History

Although we like to look towards the future it is sometimes nice to see where we came from.


Fulwell Methodist Church began life as an extension of Dock Street United Methodist church although the exact date is unknown. At the time the village of Fulwell was very small and worship took place in the loft of the blacksmith's shop. Soon afterwards a chapel in Atkinson Road was aquired and worship moved to here. where it remained for some 50 years.

Following the war and during the six years of ministry of Rev. Percy S. Carden the membership grew from 45 to 138 with comparable increases in the congregation, the Sunday school and the sisterhood as well as the development of a youth club which attracted the local children.

The congregations outgrew the small chapel in Atkinson road and it was decided that a larger buiding would be built in the new housing development of Seaburn Dene. on Saturday May 27th 1961 the congregation moved on mass into the new church on Dovedale Road, with the building being opened by the Right honerable Lord Lawson P.C. D.C.L. of Beamish with the words "In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, to the Glory of God and the extension of his kingdom I open the door of this church". There followed a brief service conducted by the minister of the day Rev. Lewis H. Allison M.A.

In 2010 the church celebrated it's 50th year serving the community of Fulwell and it's new minister welcomed the then President of Conference, Alison Tomlin, share in our worship.

A word from the minister



Another month comes around and it’s time to once again pen a few words of introduction. Since the last time I wrote we have seen a variety of events in the world news that have shocked and concerned many of us. As I write we are still in the midst of a refugee crisis that has seen hundreds of thousands of individuals displaced from their homes and driven to seek safety in Europe. Closer to home we have seen a rise in those amongst the poorest and most desperate in our country being forced further into poverty and despair.

As I write this I am mindful of the way in which the Jesus was a on so many occasions filled with compassion when he looked out at the crowds or individuals that followed him and requested his help. In my recent cafe service I spoke about the way in which a welcome mat should be covered in the dirt and grime of the many people that we have welcomed and served.

With that in mind may I remind you of our food bank collection which is ongoing, feel free to bring in produce whenever you are coming into church. Also we are starting a circuit social action service which will run monthly starting on the 30th September at Fulwell Methodist Church starting at 7:30pm.

God Bless, Gareth

Where are we

Our Address is:-

Dovedale Road,

Seaburn Dene,


SR6 8LN.