Member of Sunderland Circuit of the Methodist Church.

Our History

Although we like to look towards the future it is sometimes nice to see where we came from.

Fulwell Methodist Church began life as an extension of Dock Street United Methodist church although the exact date is unknown. At the time the village of Fulwell was very small and worship took place in the loft of the blacksmith's shop. Soon afterwards a chapel in Atkinson Road was aquired and worship moved to here. where it remained for some 50 years.


Following the war and during the six years of ministry of Rev. Percy S. Carden the membership grew from 45 to 138 with comparable increases in the congregation, the Sunday school and the sisterhood as well as the development of a youth club which attracted the local children.


The congregations outgrew the small chapel in Atkinson road and it was decided that a larger buiding would be built in the new housing development of Seaburn Dene. on Saturday May 27th 1961 the congregation moved on mass into the new church on Dovedale Road, with the building being opened by the Right honerable Lord Lawson P.C. D.C.L. of Beamish with the words "In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, to the Glory of God and the extension of his kingdom I open the door of this church". There followed a brief service conducted by the minister of the day Rev. Lewis H. Allison M.A.


In 2010 the church celebrated it's 50th year serving the community of Fulwell and it's new minister welcomed the then President of Conference, Alison Tomlin, share in our worship.

A word from the minister

Wow, where does the time go, As I sit here and write this I can hardly believe that I am coming to the end of my eighth year here at Fulwell Methodist Church.The passing of the years, and more importantly the reflection we have upon those passing years, causes us to think about the role of the church within our community and the changing seasons of our lives. It seems like only yesterday that I entered the church here at Fulwell in order to carry out my first service with you, and yet we have seen some major transformations in our community and our worship (hopefully you will agree with me that these were for the better).Time drifts on and there is nothing we can do to stop it moving ever forward, but we can each day think about what God is callings to do that day, how can we serve the people we are called to be Christ to in this moment with no eye on the past or the future. There is a song by a singer called Natasha Beddingfield, which is called “Unwritten” and in it it exhorts us to remember that each day is a fresh page, a new start on our journey, so I would encourage you this quarter to “Drench yourself in words unspoken, Live your life with arms wide open. Today is where your book begins, the rest is still unwritten"

God Bless


Where are we

Our Address is:-

Dovedale Road,

Seaburn Dene,


SR6 8LN.