Lent Course 2020

Member of Sunderland Circuit of the Methodist Church.

The Final Week
A five part Lent Bible Study by John Birch : Discussed by Rev. Gareth

These five studies cover the very busy last few days of Jesus’ life through the Cross to the Resurrection, mainly using the texts from Matthew, Mark and Luke. We look at the people, places and decisions made that culminated in the Easter that we celebrate each year. There are lots of discussion questions along the journey to enable users to think a little deeper about the story, and suggestions for prayer in the lead up to Easter.
This is a story about injustice, doubt, fear, pain and, ultimately, degrading death. It tells how God experienced these things in the same way as ordinary human beings. But the final theme is victory - the victory of Christ over death - and this is why the story cannot end at the Cross and be separated from the story of the Resurrection.

Lent 2020 - Study One:

The journey to Jerusalem

16th March 2020

Opening Prayer

Be with us as we join Jesus and his disciples as they head toward Jerusalem. Be in our discussion and prayer, and in our own journeys of faith in this season of Lent. Amen

Lent 2020 - Study Two:

Into the Temple

23rd March 2020

Opening Prayer

Speak to us, gracious God, through the reading of your word, the discussions we shall have, and the prayers that are on our heart, that our faith might grow and this fellowship be strengthened. Amen

Coming soon : Lent 2020 - Study Four: Arrest and trial

Lent 2020 - Study Three:


30th March 2020

Opening Prayer

Prepare our hearts for Easter, with its tears and celebration, and strengthen our faith through the reading and understanding of Scripture’s truth and wisdom. Amen

Coming soon : Lent 2020 - Study Five: Crucified and risen